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My name is Daniel. I live in Saint Augustine, Florida. I am a married, polyamorous, self-employed lover of Dr. Who. I want to live in a big house with my poly family and all our cats and dogs. I love to cook, draw, read, and write. INTJ or ISFP depending on which side of Gemini decided to show itself that day. Fiercely Independent. Confident. Atheist. Skeptic. Liberal. Weightlifter. Silently judgmental. Paleo yet regularly seduced by chocolate chip cookies and gelato. Please sit on my face.
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Made some grilled chicken #salads for lunch with mom, and tossed together a few side salads to go with lunches over the next few days.

Office #puppy

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Can you recommend a Poly Blog ran by someone in or particular to triad relationships? One that doesn't mind giving advice? I started going through your database but it is really long and my questions have me too bummed out :(
steamviolets steamviolets Said:


I follow quite a few blogs and there are many many more who follow me so hopefully I can help you find the resources you are looking for.

Please reblog or comment on this post if you are willing to give advice to those who are seeking support.

Hopefully the original anon will track this post because it will be a lot more accurate than me naming blogs that might not be as active or willing to give solid advice. <3

Cure for #dog unhappiness, add sun.

Unhappy #dog has to wear a shirt because she keeps chewing a hot spot.

#prayingmantis #garden


WonderCon with marsicistic as Roxy and lady—hulk as Moxxi!

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