Oxytocin Constellations

My name is Daniel. I live in Saint Augustine, Florida. I am a married, polyamorous, self-employed lover of Dr. Who. I want to live in a big house with my poly family and all our cats and dogs. I love to cook, draw, read, and write. INTJ or ISFP depending on which side of Gemini decided to show itself that day. Fiercely Independent. Confident. Atheist. Skeptic. Liberal. Weightlifter. Silently judgmental. Paleo yet regularly seduced by chocolate chip cookies and gelato. Please sit on my face.
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Worst dog in the world. She’s obsessed with drinking water and she drinks it until she throws up all over the floor so I have to clean it.

We are having #twins

When your #beard is so big you have to cut off your head to fit it in a picture.

Our chocolate mint is flowering.

Guys. My #beard is so big.

Gonna paint a thing



Today’s harvest from our #garden

Grilled salmon and burgers, yeah! #paleo

Tropical dinner from the grill. Slash is being a creep in the background. #paleo